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FoodFilter Application

Application for those who have special dietary regimens such as allergies and more

Bright and juicy

For the Food Filter application, a simple, clear and bright interface was designed in light colors, which is more associated with a healthy lifestyle.

Smooth interface
and live animations

The Food Filter application allows you to determine in a split second whether the product contains any of the harmful elements, allergens, and so on. All you have to do is scan the barcode of the product using the application and you will immediately receive all the comprehensive information about it.

Just about complex

The implementation of a seemingly complex process such as counting the calories of a product or dish in the application took us a lot of time, nevertheless, the result turned out to be as simple and user-friendly as possible.

Search for dishes
on the map

An important point was the implementation of the search for suitable dishes or products on the map, which we successfully coped with. Each restaurant label displays the number of suitable dishes specifically for the user, as he chooses an individual type of food.


The user sees the most basic and important information on the first tab of the application with a colorful and dynamic interface. The tab contains: the number of calories consumed, BJU, salt, sugar, as well as the balance that needs to be consumed before the end of the current day (the rate is set either by the user or the application)

Subscription screen


Elements to which special attention was paid for the most compact and understandable display of information

Characters in the application


Personal account

The Avocado user has the ability to add their own dietary restrictions and find relevant products in stores and restaurants, as well as use the calorie calculator and its history.


Commercial Profile

The user "Orange" has the ability to calculate and publish the calorie content and detailed composition of dishes in the section of his restaurant. Thus, customers will see these dishes on the map and are more likely to visit yours, and not a neighbor's restaurant.

Additional screens

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