Web development

We thoughtfully design, prototype and develop websites of a completely different scale and subject matter. From impressive promo pages to incredibly complex portals and online stores.


What do we help our clients with

Thinking about the structure and navigation. We develop layouts taking into account animations and user involvement.

We design databases and develop a convenient administration panel, as well as an API for interaction between backend and frontend.

We implement API in the frontend, integrate with external services (CRM systems, online payment, analytics).

Project examples

Fixed cost

We guarantee that the project cost will not increase after the start of work.

Guaranteed terms

The contract provides for penalties for each day of delay and gives you a piece of mind when it comes to project delivery.

Modern technologies

Our projects are considered technically relevant for at least 5 years after the release.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does website development cost?

The cost is determined based on the amount of time that needs to be spent on development, as well as on the number of developers who will work on the project. Our minimum project development cost is $5,000. At the same time, the average cost of the project over the past few years is approximately $15,000. Sometimes there are projects which 3 professionals can deliver in a couple of weeks, then there are those where a team of 7 could work on for six months. Tell us briefly about your project, and we will get you a preliminary quote today.

What technologies do you use?

We use only the most modern technologies (programming languages, frameworks, programmes). This approach allows us to develop projects with a source code that will be relevant for at least the next 5 years, and neither we nor the client will have difficulty in finalizing and modernizing the project. We write front-end exclusively in Swift, Kotlin and Vue.js. Backend on Laravel or Python, PostgreSQL/MySQL + Redis/MongoDB databases.

What is the procedure for payment and acceptance of work?

We work in sprints. The whole project is divided into 3-5 stages (depending on the duration of the project). We provide the client with a detailed description of the work to be performed at each stage in advance. At the start, the client pays 50% of the development cost of the first stage. After accepting the results of the first stage, the client pays the balance for it and pays an advance for the next stage. Thus, you can start working with us without paying a lump sum, and control the process easily and simply. In addition, we are ready to consider individual payment terms in each specific case.

Do you take on the revision of existing projects?

Each project is very individual and strongly depends on the specific situation. Our team will carefully assess whether it makes financial and development sense to revise an existing project or, alternatively, start a new one. However, we have cases when we undertake maintenance, modernization and refinement of finished or partially finished projects.

How does further support work and how much does it cost?

Within 6 months after the release of the project, we provide free technical support and project maintenance. This time is enough to eliminate minor bugs that were not identified during the testing phase. In the future, we usually discuss the conclusion of a contract for technical support, as well as modernization of the project, with our clients. We do not have a fixed or minimum required amount per month. Everything will depend on the necessary time spent on the implementation of improvements.