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E-commerce application product brand FaynaFerma

  • categories and subcategories
  • catalog search
  • promotions and offers
  • ordering
  • loyalty program

45 days

The development of this application was a good test of our abilities, since only 45 days were allocated for its development, and for such a large amount of functionality, this is catastrophically small.

Spoiler! We successfully coped with this task :)


Home and categories

Interesting solutions

For catalog category cards, we decided not to use icons (although this option was also considered), but to take photos of products from the category as a basis

For product subcategories, photos were also taken that match the description of the category.

The filter structure contains:

  • – sorting by date, popularity
  • – price range
  • - choice of manufacturers
  • – product features


Catalog and filters


Cart and order history

In the cart thought out editing the number of products, notification of the minimum order and calculation of the amount of costs

order history contains information about the date and status, with the ability to re-order

Information on the product card

  • data on BJU
  • freeze data
  • product description
  • characteristics
  • recommended products


Product card


Registration and points

Use of points

In order to use points, the user must go through a simple authorization by phone number

As a result, the client received the most
quality result in a short time

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