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Application of the festival "Atlas Weekend"

Application for one of the largest music festivals in Europe

Main screen

Headliners and a list of all festival participants are displayed on the main screen of the application.


On the artist screen, you can listen to tracks and watch videos. It also indicates the date, time and stage on which the artist will perform.


We used an excellent solution for navigation - a toolbar with beautiful animation when navigating through sections.


In this section, you can view the schedule for any of the festival days. You can also filter the performers by scene and leave only those in the favorites list.


In the profile, you can log in via Facebook in order to find friends on the map.

Also in the profile you can get a lot of help information, go to the Settings section. And on this screen there are buttons to go to the profile of the festival in different social networks.

Search for friends

A functionality has been developed to search for your Facebook friends at the festival. There are two viewing options - on the map and through augmented reality (AR).

Convenient scheme

To navigate around the festival area, app users can use the Scheme section.


In July 2019, tens of thousands of users used the app.

Was - Became.

Before us, the festival already had an application. However, the old version had too poor functionality and outwardly it did not correspond to the spirit of the festival.

  • Главный экран
  • Карточка исполнителя
  • Расписание
  • Профиль

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